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Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark

Financial Advisor

First, let me say, if you are one of my clients, it isn't about's about you.

Over twenty six years ago I started Byzantium Wealth Management Strategies from scratch. My success and longevity in this profession can be attributed to focusing on my main objective for all my clients: "Trust, Direction, Peace of Mind". Let's face it, you need someone you can trust, provide you direction, which ultimately leads to peace of mind.

Important People/Things in my life: My wife, family, clients, colleagues, God, and relationships.

Speaker – Need to get back to doing more of this. Unabashedly, I am a great speaker, because I only speak on what I truly believe in – which comes from my very soul and gut. You have to have a passion for it to really resonate to even the most obstinate listener.

Writer – Write articles that inspire, motivate, and encourage all who read them. I like to write thought provoking ideas - aka Thought Provocateur.

Volunteer Advocate for the Robinswood Neighborhood of Bellevue, WA. Also, I am assisting those in our community who need assistance in a variety of areas: food, health care, housing, jobs, financial advice, spiritual encouragement.

Reading – Favorite Authors: Fyodor Doestoevsky (He speaks to the soul and cuts to the bone. If you don’t want to reflect on your life, what life is all about, stay away from his writings)
Voltaire – French (Hey, I’ve got French blood) besides that, his book Candide, is a thought provoking peace of work. Favorite line – “Tend to your own garden”. You’ll have to read it to understand why it is my favorite line.

Audiobooks – For education in the areas of business, faith and self-improvement.