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Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark

Financial Advisor

Over 30 years ago, I founded Byzantium Wealth Management Strategies. My enduring success in this profession stems from my commitment to building trust-based relationships with each client. This is achieved by attentively listening to their individual needs, addressing their concerns, and developing customized solutions based on their financial goals, risk tolerance, family security, cash flow requirements, and tax efficiency.

Naturally, this is not a solo effort. Throughout my 30-year advisory practice, I have cultivated a network of professionals to support me. These essential individuals and firms specialize in areas such as investments, investment banking, collateralized loans, alternative investments, estate planning, philanthropy, and tax planning. Our collaboration is driven by a shared dedication to delivering exceptional service.

My advisory practice has evolved to focus on assisting business owners and real estate investors with the intricate aspects of their financial lives. As a business owner myself, I can empathize with the challenges they face and offer effective solutions. My specialized knowledge, experience and network of professionals, position me to provide the guidance they need to navigate their unique financial journeys.