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Your Portfolio Took A Hit, What Should You Do Now?

Your Portfolio Took A Hit, What Should You Do Now?

January 20, 2023

FRIDAY - January 20th, 2023

A client of mine had commented recently that many individuals took quite a hit last year in their investment portfolios.

I agreed with her.  

I thought to myself, what would I recommend to those individuals who took an enormous hit in their portfolio. What should they do now?  How can they recover and rebound?

I want to propose that each of us has a financial blueprint of what we would like to accomplish financially.  Sometimes it's harder to get it on paper and out of your head.  That's what an expert (financial advisor's) role is in assisting you in creating that blueprint and bringing it into reality.  If you have ever had a new home built, you know the excitement of seeing the blueprint, working with the builder, and seeing it through to completion.  It's an exhilarating feeling.  A sense of accomplishment and peace of mind.

Here are three steps in starting the recovery process:

1.   Review your long-term financial plan (blueprint).  How has the recent market affected your investment strategy?

2.   Has your current situation and the economy impacted you in ways you didn't plan?

3.   Your investment strategy must be diversified.  Is your current strategy still appropriate for accomplishing your long-term plan?

Let's get real.  Your plan must be realistic.  That is the foundation.  If it's not, then your plan will have cracks and gaps in it, which will lead to more repair than you anticipated nor desired.  


You are now ready to start considering which strategy is best for the accomplish of your financial plan.

As for the strategies I use with my clients, they are ones that anticipate the market, not predict.  Big difference.

What I've come to realize and observe is that all of us need to realize that the world is different today and your investment portfolio needs to evolve to reflect the changes that are occuring.  We hear a lot about the goal of financial freedom.  I think financial security should be the focus.  That's why it is important to use investment strategies that behave independently of the markets.  What do I mean by that?

We need strategies that perform across both good and bad markets.

I am the quarterback and my partnerships with the investment money managers I work with are my team.  We are accountable to you.  Our goal is to win and we will do that the best way we can.  The strategies involve a wealth preservation approach that seeks prudent growth and avoids incurring irrecoverable losses. Wealth Preservation is a strategy that ensures your assets grow while providing a legacy for your family. There are a variety of investment strategies for wealth preservation that are aimed at securing your wealth for the long-term.


Let me explain what takes place once your portfolio strategy has been implemented going forward.

There is an acronym that I have learned and is the best explanation of that process.  

It is M.A.I.N.

Monitored - I monitor my clients' portfolios.  My team and I have to be responsive to change and monitor often.

Adjustments - We focus on the long-term fundamentals and make adjustments when necessary.

Inform - It is my role to inform my clients about the risks in their portfolio and the different approaches we can take to manage them in a language they can understand.

Navigate - It is my role also to help my clients navigate the risks and rewards of the markets so that they have a clear picture of what could happen.

My goal with each and every client is trust, direction and peace of mind.  ´╗┐It's about building relationships with my clients based on trust.  Monitoring their portfolios, making adjustments, keeping them informed and navigating through volatile and calm markets.  A confidence that you have a long-term plan that is aimed at securing your wealth and growing it prudently for the long-term.

If you are one of those individuals looking for direction, someone who you can have a trusting professional relationship with, and the accompanying confidence, then please contact me.  Use my 29 years of advisory practice to use.  I am available to meet with you in person, or via zoom.